18 – 26 August, Ferrara (Italy)

The Ferrara Buskers Festival is the biggest event in the world dedicated to the art of the street. It was founded in 1988 with the aim of enhancing the role of street musicians and to get to know a city rich in history and charm – objectives which have been fully accomplished.

For many spectators from all over Italy and, significantly, even from abroad, the Festival is an exciting tour around the world in search of familiar and exotic sounds; it’s a passionate-treasure-hunt to discover the most original instruments, the most inspired performances and the most fanciful costumes. It is, above all, an endless mobile jamboree, that moves in a thousand directions, able to reserve surprises at every corner: a river of joy, of hints and amazement, that invades the streets and squares of one of the most beautiful city centres of Italy.

The protagonists of the Festival are the buskers themselves; travelling artists who, in their daily activities, try to give some good humour and poetry to passers-by. The extent of their being appreciated lies in the ability to win the attention of a yet-to-be audience. To get them drop a token in the “hat”(in Euros, dollars or pounds). The Busker’s money-exchange office is always open.

Artists of the Ferrara Buskers Festival don’t receive any compensation, even though there are often among them some prominent professional street performers. The generosity of the audience, in getting involved and in giving, is therefore particularly appreciated.

Ferrara Buskers Festival Website

An international street music festival that takes place 2-5 August 2012 in Barcelona

Buskers FestivalIt has converted Barcelona into the popular mediterranean location along the european circuit of Busker’s Festivals. This popular summer festival aims to support the diffusion of cultural diversity through the universal language of music. It is a ¨street festival¨ as one of the most important elements is the close contact between the performers and the public, due to the absence of large structures and stages.

The busker’s festival does not charge entrance, which converts it into entertainment within the reach of all people of all means. However, if the public like the show, we do ask that they offer a donation to the groups who are willing and happy to play for free. This festival is a platform for performers and shows of quality, that reaffirms the professional character of the music of the street.

Check Festival Facebook Page for details

World Street Music team is going to visit Barcelona in August and take some videos with street musicians, SUBSCRIBE YouTube / LIKE Facbook and you’ll see it!

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